Green Tasmanian Rental





In 2015 Sean and Mandy from Greentasreno (  finally finished renovating their house in Westbury, Tasmania in the sustainable way that they envisaged. They then bought a three bedroom house in the same small village to renovate and rent.

It was renovated using sustainable and ecological principles to make the tenants more comfortable, and to keep the bills down.

If you look under the various “subjects” in the sidebar that is where you will find the posts about what we are up to in each area of the house. If you look at the page “Overview” you will find the photos as the house was in 2015 and now in 2018 and what we planned to do and the reasoning behind the work.

Now in 2018/19 we have bought a small block of land still in the village of Westbury to build an ecologically sound house from Hempcrete. You can follow our journey at

Please enjoy this blog and pass it on to others if you think it suits

Sean & Mandy and Jade the Jack Russell

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