External renovations: tidying up the back area. Part one, plans.

rear house mar 2015

The back of the house is a mess of mismatched sheds, carport and pergola. The concrete slab  uneven and water pools everywhere when it rains.  After spending the time renovating the inside and stripping and repainting the outside of the house it seemed worth spending some time and money on bringing everything together.

The shed closest to the house (only 400mm away) we have decided to keep and renovate as it is of interesting proportions and will make a good laundry. The washing machine at the moment is in the back lobby.

After consulting with Gayle Plunkett, a local architect, some plans were drawn up and submitted to council. The idea is to raise the roof line of the back lobby and pergola to match the height and slope of the dining room/kitchen extension, totally renovate the shed closest to the house, create a new carport with a roofline matching the present dining/kitchen roof line and have them both falling into a box gutter. Lastly a new store room be built to the north of the carport with a steep skillion roofline matching the slope of the laundry roof.

135 King St Westbury CD04 New Plan Issue A-page-001

135 King St Westbury CD05 New Elevs Issue A-page-001

Whilst waiting for Council approvals we started to renovate the laundry shed. Stripping out all the 3mm plywood lining and cover strips, saving them for later re-use.

As in the the internal renovations we rescues, de-nail and clean up anything that can be salvaged and re-used. Whilst stripping out the laundry the tenants came up with the idea of having the look of industrial salvage. So the outside walls will be a mix of new colorbond, salvaged corro from the house re-roof and weatherboard. Inside corro placed vertically up to about 1.2m and then hand split weatherboards that came off another shed.

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