Laundry finally finished – yeahhhhh!!

Well it has been a year ish since I last posted. Finally the laundry conversion is finished… well.. the laundry bit is. Still have to finish off carport and shed area but not far to go.

Pictures tell a thousand words so a slide show will show everything. First though a few highlights.

  • Finding a 100 square meters of Italian porcelain tiles on Gumtree really cheap, and then doing three trips to pick them up. Need tile glue removing off a lot of them but being 450mm x 900mm they are huge. We tiled the laundry with 450 x 600mm offcuts !!
  • Reusing the handcut weatherboards we took off the old dilapidated  shed on the inside of the laundry
  • Taking an old wooden garage door given by a friend and turning it into the benches
  • recycling an old laundry sink left in the garden into the laundry tub
  • Seeing our stockpile of reusable building materials being repurposed
  • The tin taken off the roof of the house turned inside out and repurposed on the exterior and interior walls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sustainable aspect of the laundry is quite extensive:

  • Keeping the original shed instead of knocking it down
  • Insulation in ceiling and walls
  • Re use of recycled hardwood joists
  • Recycled tiles on floor and walls
  • Low flow taps
  • Stripping and repainting original weatherboards off the laundry shed
  • Recycled door
  • Benches from repurposed hardwood
  • Wall linings corrugated tin from roof of demolished sheds and the original handcut weatherboards
  • Window from local tip shop
  • LED skylight instead of cutting holes in roof where leak may occur
  • LED lighting
  • Reused weathertex masonite weatherboards given by neighbour

Reuse of recycled materials takes time and dedication. Many hours were spent stripping paint and repainting, cleaning tile cement off tiles, cutting tiles to size, and more. I think the result was worth the effort.

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