The hall in the house is  wide at 1.5 meters and high at 3.0 meters and measures about 7 meters long. Quite a large space. When it was redecorated in white it appeared much larger than when it was in its original dark cream.

hall july 3

The walls in the house are plasterboard, but it has been put directly on top of the 19mm VJ wooden boards that were used to internally line the house. This means that it is very easy to fix anything anywhere.

The new tenants asked if they could put pictures up and having filled in multitudes of holes where picture hooks used to be we decided to put up  picture rails and a coat rack.

hall july 4

The timber was recycled VJ lining from the bathroom. Put through the thicknesser to remove the paint and one edge cut down and the back edge of the ‘groove’ cut off, they made a great picture rail and coat rack.

hall july 2

hall july 5



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